Special Recognition Artwork
Ruby Dystroy
"Garden Door"

Garden Door | Allio original nude

Nude Figure Study
Gallery Image

"Garden Door"

Featured Nude Figure Study Model:
Ruby Dystroy

en pleinaire location:
Joy's Garden | Atlanta GA USA

OMP Showcase Image - 2003
This image was selected for special recognition and inclusion in the One Model Place Glamour and Fine Art Showcase. On a daily basis, OMP webmasters select a very limited number of high-quality images for Showcase recognition.

This neoteric image of Atlanta, Georgia, nude figure model Ruby Dystroy was created and selected for the OMP Showcase in July 2003.

Nude Art Collection - 2003
Nude Art Collection Gallery exhibit opened in December 2003.

Technical Information: The image was originally created using a Nikon professional digital camera and lens. Backlighting was used for illumination of the model in this portrait. [ learn more about photography au naturale... ]

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