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for immediate release - March 31, 2000
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New Photo Exhibition Purple Moods

ATLANTA -- Given a private space, some models will generate art just with their erotic presence. Moods are translated through body language. Looking at the moody images of this photo exhibition entitled "Purple Moods" make it difficult to believe that this was the first time model Patti Smith had posed nude for an artist or photographer.

"This was all accomplished just a few moments after we had met for the first time," Allio explained. "When we walked in to the location, the light was just right for these photographs. We were able to quickly capture these images before losing the light thanks to the model's trust in my creative instincts and her own confidence and savvy."

The original images were created in December 1999 on color negative film using existing light. The color purple was selected for mood after the film images were scanned.

Allio was born in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Communications and Visual Arts. His fine artworks of nude subjects have been exhibited worldwide.

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