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for immediate release - July 1, 2000
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New Digital Exhibition Entitled Pencil Portraits Opens

UPSTATE SC -- The new digital art exhibition Pencil Portraits

consists of ten black-and-white images digitally enhanced from original black-and-white and color photographs of ten different models.

"I've always been facinated by traditional artists that are able to take a simple pencil and create wonderful portraits with just a few, well placed strokes on plain paper," Allio said. "These images are intended to be a digital representation of those same skills and techniques."

In the history of artistic portraiture, the subject displayed their finest clothes and jewels rather than their natural bodies. Paintings and drawings of the nude have traditionally shown the model in full figure. Eye contact between the nude model and the viewer were also avoided in traditional art.

The ten Pencil Portraits of the beautiful women of this fine art collection combine the portrait style with the nude figure through a technique similar to pencil or charcoal sketches. They also cross the traditional lines through voyeuristic exhibition of erotic and intimate - but not always private - moments with these natural models.

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