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for immediate release - January 1, 2003
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Women in the Window Exhibition
Features Ten Nude Models

WISE VA - Diffuse lighting from a northern exposure window is one of the tools used by photographers for flattering portraits. This artistic exhibition showcases ten different models using this technique, but with windows facing in any direction except North.

"The idea behind a northern exposure is to use indirect lighting to establish a sensual environment for the subject," Allio explained. "In this set of exhibition images, either direct or indirect lighting was used. The actual exposure and creative style vary with each nude figure model. But the objective was the creation of an individual mood while going beyond the traditional and established techniques."

The photographs were originally created on either 35mm film or as a Nikon professional digital image. All enhancements were created using JASC Paint Shop Pro 7.04.

Each image was embellished to appear in the style of a painting from the French Impressionist period. The motivation for this set of artistic exhibition images came from the overwhelming positive viewer reponse to the December 2002 exhibition photo of a figure model in a southern exposure garden window.

The models featured in the windows are: Annie, an amateur from Australia; Ella, an amateur from Kentucky; Claudia, an amateur from Tennessee; Barbi, a professional from Washington; Sheryl and Samantha, professionals from Georgia; Toni and Wendi, amateurs from Virginia; Patti, an amateur from Georgia; and Maria, an amateur from South America.

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