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for immediate release - March 31, 2003
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Terra-Cotta Desert Nude Figure Art Pictorial Released

LAS VEGAS - The arid land of Southern Nevada is filled with weathered redish-orange outcropings of Aztec Sandstone. This terra-cotta desert was the setting for exploration by Las Vegas nude figure model Lindy Blu.

"Posing skyclad among the redstone desert rock formations, Lindy became a graceful terra-cotta statue amid the broken boulders, narrow crevaces and weathered recesses of the hardened earth," Allio said. "Nude tanned skin blended with terra-cotta stones to form a sensuously sculptured landscape.""

Terra-Cotta Desert is a collection of ten stark and beautiful desert scenes. Each is a vision of the bare human form embraced by Mother Earth.

"This made me feel like Eve," Lindy said. "I like it when I'm just a part of the overall landscape. If you make me the focus, it might as well be done in the studio. This way I blend into a greater natural scene."

Professional nude figure model Lindy Blu's online portfolio may be viewed at OMP

Professional photographer Allio was born in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Communications and Visual Arts. His fine art nude figures have been exhibited in prestegious galleries around the world.

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