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for immediate release - January 15, 2005
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Allio Receives Acclaim as Photographer of 2004 Erotic Model of the Year

ATLANTA – Professional photographer Allio was recognized as the photographer of the image of professional model Sara Walker of Las Vegas, Nevada, who was selected as the Erotic Model of the Year for the calendar year ending 2004. The artwork was entitled: "Erotic Sara". A total of 366 different amateur and professional models were featured as Erotic Models of the Day on the Yellow Bar Productions web site in 2004.

"This special recoginition was met with mixed emotions," Allio said. "On one hand, it was gratifying to be cited for producing an outstanding figure nude. And, I was thrilled for the recognition received by professional model Sara Walker. However despite claims of promoting artistic eroticism, this particular publisher still has very few images that I would consider artistic in nature. I'm certainly pleased that my work was selected over that of some of the world's best artistic nude photographers. But, the mixture of these few artistic images with those of models that are merely naked in front of a camera runs contrary to my on-going desire to promote a positive image of creative artistic nude figure models for the sake of art rather than commerce."

According to the publisher, the original image was chosen for the Erotic Model of the Day based on artistic and erotic content. Then, the Erotic Model of the Year is selected based on three factors. The most significant part of the formula is audience response. The second factor is the total number of unique page hits. And finally, the editorial staff reviews the top model of each month and ranks each against their concept of eroticism.

"This was our fifth and most competitive year of awarding the Erotic Model of the Year title to the most outstanding erotic model featured as an Erotic Model of the Day," said Stephen Wilson, past-editor of the Erotic Model of the Day web site. "Sara’s image was featured on December 1, 2004, and embodied the best concept of artistic eroticism."

"Our goal is and always has been to promote the artistic concept of eroticism as something much greater than boring industrial nudity as portrayed by the American adult entertainment machine," Wilson continued. "Each year, we have been able to make greater strides in showcasing creative artworks by featuring enlightened erotic models and the best creative photographers."

Allio and Walker are the fifth different photographer and model combination to win the Erotic Model of the Year award. Over 1,000 photographers and models have been selected for Erotic Model of the Day honors - the preliminary competition to the Erotic Model of the Year title.

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