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for immediate release - August 21, 2006
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Artwork by Kauai Photographer Allio Featured in NY Arts Magazine

NEW YORK - Professional photographer and Kauai resident Allio is to be among the featured artists in the September NY Arts Magazine. The image selected for publication is a copy of the original artwork entitled: "Sisters in Skin and Stone." This collector's piece features professional model Catalina Lissett Fontanez with "Dufay," an original sculpture by A.A. Solomon, and was originally commissioned in 2005 for the musee-solomon gallery.

"Although my photographs and artworks have been displayed in galleries throughout the world, this offer from NY Arts Magazine was certainly unexpected," Allio admitted. "As recently as March of this year, I was urged by working professionals that New York City is the hub of the art world, and that if I intended to receive professional compensation and recognition for my photographic work that I should re-locate there. Instead, I chose to bring my talents and workshops to the beauty of Kauai."

In addition to publishing a copy of the original artwork, initially valued at $3500, NY Arts Magazine also indicated that they would include biographical information and Allio's artist statement: "The friction of inspiration against imagination creates the spark of unique visions."

"I have just finished reviewing your website and I am interested in the works you present," Stefan Fahrer of NY Arts Magazine said in his introductory correspondence. According to Fahrar, the publication and web presence bring together "exciting artists" from around the world.

NY Arts Magazine is a monthly magazine distributed to galleries, curators, collectors, dealers, museums, designers, architects, artist supply houses, art schools, libraries, community centers, art fairs, art expos, universities, financial institutions, corporations, foundations, embassies, business professionals, art patrons, and to over 800 private Manhattan galleries.

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