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Nude Portraits to be Exhibited by London Saatchi Gallery

LONDON - Eight contemporary artworks by Allio - professional photographer, artist and instructor - will be on display at the renowned Saatchi Gallery, London Contemporary Art Gallery, beginning in early September. For Allio, a Kauai Hawaii resident and established international artist, this will be his first art exhibition at this European gallery.

"The artworks selected for this UK exhibition are not all just nude portraits in a photographic style," Allio said. "Once you get outside the US mainland, the audience's artistic education and gallery exposure requires a certain level of creative sophistication, so this exhibition includes everything from impressionist charcoal sketches to expressionist color washes. I am honored that they requested my nude artworks for display."

Each of the eight portraits are limited edition fine artworks commissioned by different collectors and features a different subject and theme. The eight nude portrait models featured in this exhibition are: Michaela Devine, Ruby Dystroy, Jessica Fuller, Amber Robbins, Mya Luanna, Pebbles Martin, Catalina Lissett, and Madonna Fresca.

"I was impressed by the high standard of work," Siobhan of Saatchi Gallery wrote in his invitation to exhibit. "The curators, collectors as well as thousands of visitors that we get everyday will have the opportunity to view your work."

According to the Saatchi Gallery website, when The Saatchi Gallery first opened twenty years ago it was only those people who had a dedicated interest in contemporary art who sought out the gallery to see work by new artists. The audience, however, built steadily over the years and the gallery now receives over 600,000 visitors a year, and over 1,000 schools have organised student visits.

The Saatchi Gallery has always aimed to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by established international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK. More information about the Saatchi Gallery may be found online at

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