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Allio Nude Artworks Featured by NuExpo French Art Magazine

PUHI HAWAII -- Three nude figure artworks by American photographic artist Allio are featured in the March/April 2008 edition of NuExpo. The French language NuExpo features professional photographers and photo models who love to dress the body of shadow and light.

"We love your photography work" wrote François Marsy, NuExpo Art Director.

The three artworks selected to be featured in NuExpo are: "Mojave Statue" of Las Vegas erotic model Sara Walker, "Emergence" of Atlanta figure model Pebbles Martin, and "Ablutoskepsis" featuring beautiful Texas model Catalina Lissett. All three elements were selected from an Allio exhibition that opened in Europe in 2007.

"For three decades, my nude figure artworks have been enjoyed by sophisticated and appreciative audiences and collectors in Europe," Allio said. "My goal as a photographic artist is to create images that relate to the historic and classic nudes by the European master painters and sculptors. To have a French art director admit that they love your work is gratifying justification of the energies involved in the creative process."

NuExpo is just the latest European magazine to recognize Allio's uniquely creative talents in the nude genre. Various technical and esthetic publications have reported on his creative techniques and featured his nude figure artworks. Many modern photographers are now copying his classic style and contemporary artistic themes.

Over a decade ago, Allio was honored as one of the top erotic photographers in the world by the European media. Currently, Allio is a resident professional photographer in Kauai, Hawaii. He shares his knowledge and insights with audiences worldwide as a guest instructor and public speaker at a variety of photography conventions and workshops.

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