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for immediate release - September 21, 1997
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Blue Watch Nude Artwork Collection Released Today by Art Photographer Allio/h1>

SPARTANBURG SC -- Allio announced today the release of his "Blue Watch Collection" The images of this collection began as color photographs. Through a process of digital enhancement, they now appear as stylized "pen-and-ink still lifes."

"As a photographer, the camera has allowed me to successfully capture images on film that I personally have never been able to create through traditional drawing techniques," Allio said. "This collection of images represents my efforts to reproduce those traditional drawing techniques using new media technology."

The original images were created on 35mm film using professional Minolta cameras and lenses. The film was scanned and a variety of computer software techniques were use to accomplish the digital image enhancements seen in the finished artworks.

Many thanks to the model Yolanda for providing her nude body as a work of fine art for this project. She also provided the watch used as the theme and focal point for this collection.

Allio was born in 1955 in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Communications and Visual Arts. His fine artworks of nude subjects have been exhibited worldwide.

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