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for immediate release - March 13, 1998
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Coffee Stains Sepia Portraits and Figures Collection on Exhibition

SPARTANBURG SC -- Portraits are consistently the most popular images of Allio's fine art portfolio. They contain the raw elements of confidence and chemistry between the model and the photographer. Compared to purely figure study work, a model has greater creative input in portraiture. They also have a greater responsibility in the creation of an exciting image.

"The best portraits are created in those rare moments when the photographer and subject merge their talents and connect in a burst of creative energy," Allio explained. "The resulting image is a unique moment in space and time."

Each of the images in the Coffee Stains - Sepia Portraits and Figures Collection began the creative process as negative film. Some were originally created in color, but most were black-and-white before the images were digitally enhanced with sepia tones.

"The theme for this collection of nude artworks was inspired and thus dedicated to Gary Spicer - one of the greatest traditional artists that I have ever known," Allio said. "Spicer's talent as a teacher may be an even exceed his impressive artistic abilities."

The Coffee Stains - Sepia Portraits and Figures Collection contains images of ten different nude models. The use of sepia tones and the oval shape were chosen to give the images in this collection the feel of historical endurance. Traditionally, sepia tones have been used to create the illusion of age or antiquity in an image. However, in this case, all of the original photographs were created in the 1990s.

Special thanks go to of New York for their original support of this online project. Current collections and fine art images by Allio may be found online at:

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