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for immediate release - November 25, 1998
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Allio Releases "Mountain Waters" Nude Figures Collection

WISE VA - "Mountain Waters" is the second complete image collection presented by Allio in 1998. Ten images were selected from nearly one thousand color and black-and-white originals on film which were created on an exhilarating and exhausting summer day in 1989. The inspiration from those original images and advances in digital imaging technology have led to the finished products in this collection.

"I would much rather work outdoors than in a studio," Allio explained. "Nature is full of wonderful scenes and opportunities which are simply not available in a studio. Plus, vibrant natural surroundings enhance the tingle of creativity."

The chemistry for creative inspiration contains some magic. However, the basic ingredients consist of a warm summer day, a secluded location with rushing water and a model anxious to get wet.

Allio photographer was born in 1955 in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Communications and Visual Arts. His fine art nudes have been exhibited worldwide.

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