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for immediate release - January 31, 1999
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Fine Art Nudes by Allio Selected for European and US Galleries

SPARTANBURG SC - Three European galleries have agreed for the first time to add exhibition images by Allio to their public presentations. Also in January, the award-winning artist and photographer was selected to be the guest photographer at the Mountain Gallery in Michigan.

The Medien Magazine Gallery in Austria and Gemaelde-Boerse in Germany have both agreed to provide permanent exhibition space for the artistic images by Allio. By agreement, every six months a new set of ten exhibition prints are to be placed on public display. German Photo World and Mountain Gallery will host a limited selection of fine art images by Allio from January until July 1, 1999.

"January has been an incredibly productive month for me," Allio smiled. "In addition to these agreements for new gallery exhibitions, a new exhibition series of nude artworks was placed on display at the Dominico Gallery in New Mexico. Also, the requests for me to do seminars and artist-in-residence programs tripled."

As a part of his 25th Anniversary as a professional photographer and artist, Allio was also featured on regional television. The news segment was originally broadcast by CBS affiliate WSPA-TV on Monday, January 11, 1999.

An audit conducted during the last week of the month confirmed that over one-million people viewed Allio fine art images, either in person or on the Internet, in January. That number is expected to grow dramatically as more galleries offer exhibition space to Allio in the year of his 25th Anniversary as a professional photographer and artist.

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