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for immediate release - October 11, 1999
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Digital Fine Art Nude by Allio in Japan "Exhibition 1999"

TOKYO -- Professional photographer and digital artist Allio has been invited to participate as a guest artist in Exhibition 1999 (e1999) on October 23-24, 1999, at Keio University of Tokyo, Japan. The event is held in conjunction with Renaissance 2001 (R2001).

"It is a great pleasure to have my artwork in this international art exhibition," Allio said. "I am constantly gratified by the overwhelming positive response my digital fine art images have received from galleries, competitions, and publications located outside the United States."

A digitally enhanced image entitled "Purple Morning" was selected as Allio's artwork for the exhibition. The fine art figure study valued at $1550US was donated to the project. The model for the 1999 artwork was Vanesa Littlecrow, a professional nude figure model from Minnesota.

"e1999 seeks to build new connections between artists, students, the general public and the world of the internet," e1999 coordinator Tomoko Ose said.

e1999 will present a gallery of different kinds of physical - paintings, drawings, printings, sculptures - and digital art works. Participants are artists from all over the world. The gallery at Keio University will host the physical art works. Exhibited art works will also be online.

Renaissance 2001 is a project to create the world's biggest-ever art festival on the Internet for the year 2001, and then, subsequently, to move that festival into actual galleries, museums and exhibition spaces in every part of the world.

The selected creative nude figure artwork was created on film in a Spartanburg, South Carolina, studio. Several artworks from the studio session have been exhibited worldwide.

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