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Press Release
for immediate release - February 2, 2010
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Allio Artistic Nudes Selected for Exhibition in the Czech Republic

PRAGUE -- Beginning today, one dozen nude female figure artworks by American professional photographer Allio are on display at Fotocepelak Foto Galerie in the Czech Republic. Allio is one of 16 international photographers selected for this VIP guest exhibition.

"Your photos are perfect, very good job," curator Ladislav Cepelak said upon acceptance of the artistic nudes for exhibition.

Of the sixteen photographers selected for special exhibition at Fotocepelak Foto Galerie, only three are from the United States. Currently, Allio is the only photographer to have images of live nude figure models in the exhibition.

"I am deeply honored to have my nude figure artwork accepted for this photographic exhibition. Without the support of volunteer nude life art models, none of this would have been possible," Allio said. "This photographic exhibition reinforces my impression that the European art community has a great appreciation of my artistic photography style and content based on historic master paintings and sketches."

Allio's exhibition is a mixture of black-and-white, colorized, and full-color artworks. Of the 13 nude female models presented in the 12 photographs comprising this art exhibition, six are professional figure models. Six appear as life nude art models for the very first time. Six images have been exhibited previously. Six photographs were created within the past six month. The youngest model is 21 and the oldest is 55 years old.

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