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Press Release
for immediate release - July 1, 2010
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Framed Pictorial Features
Nude Model Michelle Marie

MARIETTA GA -- Framed, a 13-image fine art color studio pictorial by professional photographic artist Allio and featuring gifted nude figure model Michelle Marie was placed on display today. This gallery is Allio's fourth original photo essay or pictorial created in 2010 for public exhibition.

"It is fun to create without restrictions or boundaries," professional figure model Michelle Marie proclaimed following the brief photo session. "There is no right or wrong - its just about spontaneity unfolding in the moment!"

The pictorial was conceived as a time lapse photography project where the model was forced to create a new pose every few seconds as the camera automatically captured the results. This entire pictorial came from a photo session that required less than ten minutes of total posing time.

"The concept is simple, but proper execution has proven to be extremely difficult. When viewing the results, it is all too easy to under-estimate the creative posing talents Michelle brough to this fine art project," Allio said. "With time lapse, the normal pressures of a photo shoot are enhanced by the urgency of time. The camera is going to expose the model every few seconds - ready or not. Michelle was ready for the challenge with seemingly effortless composure. Successfully working at this level is possible for only the supremely talented model."

In addition to posing as the feature model for the Framed pictorial, Michelle suggested titles for the individual artworks. The titles for each artwork were then supported by quotations from artists, politcians, and philosophers.

Michelle Marie has professional representation by Exceptional Faces. EFaces is a full-service marketing agency representing some of the most beautiful and talented models and actresses in the world.

The Framed | Fun in the Nude pictorial may be viewed online in the Allio virtual gallery.

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