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Press Release
for immediate release - July 1, 2010
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Evolution Exhibition Opens in European Gallery

PUHI KAUAI HAWAII -- Evolution, a combination of two different fine art pictorials created a decade apart by fine art photographer Allio, debuted on July 1 in the European gallery Graceful Nudes. Both pictorials were created along the same en plein-air theme with beautiful models au naturel. But, that is where the similarities diverge.

In 2000, a 14-image black-and-white pictorial was created in an outdoor setting using traditional silver-based film with nude figure model Patti Smith in Virginia as the subject. A decade later, in 2010, the same motif was approached in Hawaii with a professional fine art model using digital imaging technology. The result was also a 14-image black-and-white pictorial.

For the Evolution exhibition, seven images were selected from each pictorial and combined for presentation by curator David Roland. Each artwork is reflective of the standards and changes in technology as well as how the artist's vision has evolved.

"Photography has evolved in the past 10 years in remarkable ways," began Roland, the force behind the development of this dual exhibition. "The introduction of digital photography and the fact that dark rooms became nothing more than computer software, where tricks don't have anything to do with nasty chemicals, has made it easier for photographers to be more creative and to focus more on making good pictures instead of making sure that good pictures turn out well on paper.

"This gallery represents that transition or evolution. The first gallery was shot in 2000 using a film camera, with a wonderful model, Patti Smith - which explains the grain, while the second gallery, shot in 2010 in Hawaii using a digital camera with an amazing enhanced figure model is a representation of the modern approach to beauty.

"The two collections have the same theme and two alluring models. I often complain when photographers use the same idea more than once, but here the results are remarkably different. The beauty of each model stands out perfectly in those wonderful natural settings."

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