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Press Release
for immediate release - January 7, 2011
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Allio Artistic Nudes Appear in Czech Republic Gallery

PRAGUE -- One dozen nude female figure and portrait artworks by American professional photographer Allio are now on display at Fotocepelak Foto Galerie in the Czech Republic. Allio is one of 51 international photographers selected for this 2011 VIP guest group exhibition.

Curator Ladislav Cepelak of Fotocepelak Foto Galerie selected distinctive photographers from around the world for this special exhibition, including ten from the United States. Allio is the only photographer in the entire showing to present live nude figure and portrait models en plein-air or outdoor, natural settings in classic artistic style.

"Creating artistic nudes outdoors is an ambitious challenge. Models that may be perfectly comfortable au naturel in a studio setting are not always prepared to pose in the stark reality of natural environs," Allio said. "Posing beautifully and authentically in nature is much more difficult than it looks."

Allio's second exhibition at Fotocepelak Foto Galerie is a mixture of black-and-white, colorized, and full-color artworks. Of the 12 nude female models presented in the 12 photographs comprising Allio's contribution to this art exhibition, two are full-time professional figure models. Four women appear nude as life models for the very first time. Eight artworks have been previously exhibited. All 12 original photographs were created within the past year. The youngest model is 20 and the oldest is 44 years old. Three of these art models were featured in Allio pictorials and exhibitions in 2010. One was introduced as a feature model by Allio earlier this year.

"The endorsement and presentation of this photographic exhibition reinforces my impression that the European art community has a great appreciation of classic artistic photography style and content based on established master paintings and sketches." Allio said. "History has proven that art flourishes through education and culture."

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