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Press Release
for immediate release - January 12, 2011
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Rainbow Silhouettes are Fine Art
Debut for Exotic Newcomer Cyn Swa

Rainbow Silhouettes | Cyn Swa Nude MARIETTA GA -- Exotic and previously undiscovered fine art nude figure model Cyn Swa - think sensual - is the featured subject of a new visual fine art exhibition entitled Rainbow Silhouettes. The 13 colorized artworks that comprise the fine art nude exhibition were created in a studio style, but on location, by professional photographic artist Allio.

"It's very eye-catching. No one has done anything like this and I'm glad to be a part of it," explained the featured model, talented newcomer Cyn Swa. "Rainbow Silhouettes has personality. It is a unique collection that shows character. That makes it beautiful."

Rainbow Silhouettes is hailed as a collection of the very best thematic artwork ever created by modern photographic artist Allio. The new exhibition has been called "Very creative" and "Pure art" by critics.

"Artworks as visually compelling as these are the result of a good combination of theme, setting, and subject," Allio explained. "Much of my artwork is presented as black-and-white. The rainbow theme for this collection of images required a creative combination of those black-and-white figures with various colors. The setting was technical challenge - presenting a three-dimensional image using reflective lighting on a backlit subject.

"And speaking of subjects, Cyn Swa is a compelling model for these nude figure artworks with a wonderfully fit and proportional shape. She is a sensational natural talent with real and desirable feminine curves, and a fabulous professional work ethic. To her credit, Cyn displayed none of the typical first-time nude-for-art jitters usually associated with lesser-skilled models. In a single word, she is impressive!"

Cyn Swa was promoted to the artist for this project by Exceptional Faces, a full-service marketing agency for some of the most beautiful and talented models in the world. Based in Atlanta, Exceptional Faces specializes in pairing clients with appropriate model and assisting gifted models in finding interesting and exciting projects, based on their personal preferences.

The Rainbow Silhouettes exhibition may be viewed as an online virtual gallery at:
Rainbow Silhouettes

Rainbow Silhouettes | Cyn Swa Nude

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