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Press Release
for immediate release - February 1, 2011
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Drawn That Way Topfree Sketches
Presented in Personal Gallery

LAS VEGAS -- A new exhibition of contemporary topfree portraits entitled Drawn That Way go on public display today as a part of professional photographer Allio's personal gallery. This collection consists of 22 black-and-white sketches of artistic nude models from 2010, with five posing au naturel for the first time.

"Portraiture is one of my great enjoyments as a fine art nude photographer," Allio said. "Portraits bring raw emotion and uninhibited body language to an artwork with subtile meanings that genuinely and openly transcends a nude art model's mere bare skin."

A variety of digital enhancements were applied to each original photograph in order to create the finished topfree sketches. Some display rough sketching techniques. Others have been refined down to a single point or pixel. Individual titles define each sketch and synonyms have been included with each title to aid the viewer in understanding the concepts and collaborations that influenced Allio in the selection and creation of each artwork.

"Sketch portraits are a great educational tool for photographers and artists seeking ways to improve their composition techniques," Allio continued. "The colors and shading of a traditional photograph are reduced to absolute blacks and whites. So, the black lines and white space define the contour of each model and thus define the creative diminsion of the composition."

According to Wayne Thiebaud, an American painter associated with the Pop Art movement and winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Art from the American Academy of Design, New York, and quoted on the opening gallery page, "Drawing the nude is the most important study there is and the most challenging and the most difficult."

Drawn That Way is the second complete artistic nude portrait exhibition that Allio has created in this theme and style. His first complete sketch exhibition was created on film in 2000 - one full decade ago - with a single professional nude model as the subject. This personal gallery presentation may be viewed online at:

Drawn That Way

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