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Press Release
for immediate release - August 17, 2011
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AllioArt Joins Social Media Scene

LAS VEGAS - This week, AllioArt the virtual gallery and fine art presentation of the award-winning international photographic artist known as Allio expanded into social media by modifying his facebook and twitter presence, as well as improving the programming of the Allio nude art website. AllioArt now has unique identification on both facebook and twitter social media websites.

"Friends and other artists have been urging me to get more involved with the popular social media websites. But, I have been reluctant to consider involvement with web entities that are so heavy-handed when it comes to blatant censorship of my photographic artworks presenting nudity in the true context of art,"Allio stated. "In the coming days and weeks, we will see exactly how repressive and perverse these social media sites are about artistic representations of the nude human body.

"I am not looking for controversy," Allio continued. "However, I do expect the respect and freedom of expression rightly due every citizen of the United States and every artist of the world."

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