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Press Release
for immediate release - August 20, 2011
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Exposure Portrait Exhibition Opens on National Go Topless Day

LAS VEGAS -- Exposure an original photographic art exhibition by Allio featuring ten topfree portraits of timeless model Maria Whitaker opens for public viewing on August 21. The show opening coincides with National Go Topless Day, a day dedicated to women's equality.

"Maria posed for these unique portraits earlier this year," artist Allio explains. "There are a very limited number of figure models who would agree to pose for artworks as demanding and unconventional as these but Maria has the personal strength, timeless beauty, and creative insight to overlook her vanity and explore the intensity of these portrait images."

The demands upon the model for this exhibition were both physical and emotional. Physically, Maria had to endure an outdoor setting that included posing in a chilly breeze after total body immersion in cold water. Then she had to deal with the emotional self-doubt about looking less-than perfect with wet hair and skin. Immediately following the photo session, she admitted to serious concerns about an unkempt, undesirable appearance.

The results in the finished artworks are a credit to the talent and strength of the working enhanced figure model. But how did she cope with the extraordinary demands?

"Outdoor work brings out the exhibitionist in me," topfree Maria admitted. "It makes posing more exciting. The water may be cold, but I actually think warm thoughts - I mean sexually warm or arousing thoughts. It definitely takes the chill off. The main thing is to have fun with the poses. If you are enjoying yourself, it shows in the exposure!"

Maria Whitaker has professional represented by Exceptional Faces, a full-service marketing agency for some of the most beautiful and talented models and actresses in the world. Based in Atlanta, Exceptional Faces specializes in pairing clients with appropriate model and assisting gifted models in finding interesting and exciting projects, based on their personal preferences.

Exposure officially opens on Sunday, August 21, in the Allio virtual art gallery at:

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