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Press Release
for immediate release - September 5, 2011
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Fisico Exhibition Showcases
Fitness Model Paige McFarland

LAS VEGAS -- Professional photographic artist Allio and competitive fitness model Paige McFarland have collaborated on an 11-image group of cold-tone nude figure artworks collectively entitled Fisico. The exhibition gallery captures the unique muscular physique of this timeless nude figure model in a natural setting.

"I have always been a natural-born exhibitionist and have enjoyed being nude in front of other people as long as I can remember," Paige admitted. "Being fit is important, but more for the health reasons than anything else. I like when I am soft and curvy, too!"

With paint and pencil, traditional artists can embellish muscles and form of the nude human figure, but to represent the same muscular and fit physique in a photographic-based artwork requires a model with good genetics and a dedicated workout routine. For this fitness model and figure competitor that means putting her over 40 year-old body through two distinctly different workouts every day, six days each week during training season.

"Paige is a wonderful timeless model," Allio explained. "She has a chiseled female shape and statuesque posing style. My challenge was to represent the muscular fitness of her nude figure in a way that would combine modern photography and traditional art techniques into contemporary artworks with recognizable historic roots. It took a year of contemplation and study before these images were fully realized."

Fisico officially opens in the Allio virtual art gallery on Labor Day, Monday, September 5, 2011. The url is:


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