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for immediate release - February 11, 2012
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"Abstract Sisters" Nudes
Featured in Prague Gallery

Abstract Sisters | Innuendo PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - A selection of ten black-and-white fine art nude female figure photographs from the larger collection entitled "Abstract Sisters" by celebrated modern erotic artist Allio is now on display at the Fotocepelak Foto Galerie. The exhibition includes both previously shown images as well as the debut of never-before-seen photographic artworks.

"The photos are perfect, everybody really likes them," stated curator Ladislav Cepelak following the initial display of the photographic exhibition. "Really very good job," he added.

The original photographs that have become the critically acclaimed "Abstract Sisters" photographic collection were created exactly one year ago in a United States studio. These collectible photographs of natural female nudity feature real sisters Danielle and Michelle Marie.

"On the day Michelle, Danielle, and I were working on the original photographs, we knew that magic existed in the images. We knew that our creative efforts were producing Art," Allio explained. "The afternoon was fun and exciting and educational as we worked together, learning how to pose their natural nude female figures into stunning abstract shapes. They brought a rare artistic sophistication to the photo session that is evidenced in the finished artworks."

The virtual version of the Fotocepelak Foto Galerie exhibition may be viewed at: And, the latest installment of "Abstract Sisters" may now be viewed in the AllioArt virtual gallery:

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