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Press Release
for immediate release - September 1, 2012
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Kelsey Just Featured Model
in "Innocence" Exhibition

BOSTON, MA - Professional art model Kelsey Just is the subject in a ten-image black-and-white topfree portrait exhibition by photographic artist Allio entitled "Innocence". Kelsey, a 23 year-old former New York City runway model, has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in music as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art. Her art education, personal poise, and delightful attitude are just three of the significant strengths that have brought her to recent prominence in the Allio Art portfolio.


"Kelsey is a magical talent as an art model and wonderful fine art collaborator," Allio said. "In addition to her natural features and charming presence before the camera, she brings valuable artistic insight and educational background to every project. This simple, expressive portrait gallery came from a brief exchange of ideas on our very first day of working together."

The theme of the "Innocence" voyeuristic exhibition was inspired by the youthful visage and charisma of the skilled model. But, by her own admission this impression is merely an apparition. Thus, the contrast is represented by the individual artwork titles.

"As a teenager, I was a model in New York City," Kelsey said. "I walked the runway and posed for photographers' projects but chose to take a break to focus on getting in to college. I've been back to modeling for about two years and I've enjoyed every minute of adventuring into new nude, sexy, and artistic work.

"I'm completely comfortable being nude, painted, in costume, or climbing shirtless up a network of roots clinging to a hillside. In fact, I get the most excited about off-the-wall ideas and unknown territory."

Kelsey is a member of the Section 17 Project for the Arts in Boston. In her own art practice, she focuses on glass, ceramics, and photography.

"Innocence" is now featured in the AllioArt virtual gallery:

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