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for immediate release - January 2, 2012
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"Magic at Twilight" features Nude Grandmother Viki Mae

Magic at Twilight | Viki Mae Nude LAS VEGAS, NV - Live, love, laugh, and be happy are the priorities of Viki Mae the 47 year-old mother of four, grandmother of two, and timeless artistic nude figure model for aa Allio Art Model Over 40 pictorial gallery by professional visual artist Allio. The ten-image "Magic at Twilight" gallery exhibition is one of two new presentations of the AllioArt virtual gallery for 2012. She is also the second model to be featured on the AllioArt photo blog for artistic nude models.

"Magic lives in Viki Mae's incredibly feminine curves," Allio said. "This was our first opportunity to work together. I was appropriately impressed with her professional attitude and work ethic as an artistic nude figure model. Those traits combined with her fit figure are the basis of what makes her a magical art model."

Vibrant, vivacious, voluptuous, vision Viki keeps her fabulous nude female figure ready to showcase because she really loves working out in the gym. Although she is now a grandmother, she spends hours every week obsessively shaping and sculpting her form. Viki is committed to be the best possible artistic nude figure model. She knows that magic lives in her beautiful bare curves.

"Magic at Twilight" timeless nude photo essay pictorial gallery featuring artistic nude model Viki Mae may now be viewed in the AllioArt virtual gallery:

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