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"Intimate BodyTour" of Openly Nude Madonna Fresca

Intimate BodyTour | Madonna Nude LAS VEGAS, NV - The studio nude figure study black-and-white fine art photo essay of buff natural female life model Madonna Fresca entitled "Intimate BodyTour" that has been privately shown and publicly honored by the art community for nearly a decade is now available to the public at the Allio Art virtual gallery. Of the 13 original artworks, ten are now on display. Two of those artworks - "Onanismo" and the title piece "Intimate" have received high honors for photographic art in European showings.

Created around Madonna Fresca, a first-time nude model posing for art, the entire "Intimate BodyTour" photo essay conveys the natural ease and grace of the classically trained dancer infused with a personal sensual intensity. The openly nude figure model exhibition pictorial gallery created in 2003 has become a collection of cherished photographic masterpieces by Allio.

"The fact that Madonna loves women more than men may have an interesting impact when it comes to artistic creativity," Allio explained. "She is one of the very few models to openly give me absolute, unrestricted creative access to her perfect features for the creation of nude figure art. She conveys an irrefutable confidence and trust of my talents. In turn, on the evening these artworks were created, she submitted artistically the way an enlightened lover would indulge sexually - completely. Although it was her first time posing nude for photographic fine art, due to her experience as a classical dancer, she was relaxed and excited with her own nudity on display. On that evening, I wished my skills had been equal to her aplomb."

Madonna Fresca is a model compelled by the sensual - touching herself in intimate ways. Through the eyes of the artist, she is intimate perfection found.

"Ironically, as with so many women, Madonna fails to recognize or acknowledge her own exquisite beauty," the artist continued. "If there is a prototype for the perfect model for the modern artistic nude, Madonna fulfills my ideal - a natural and fit figure with attending post-pubescent features. To this day, I owe her for much of the creative energy that flows through me and continues to motivates me in my quest for another muse of her intoxicating, incomparable, intimate allure."

BodyTours are photo essays created by Allio of artistically inclined nude figure models with unique characteristics and along a common theme. "Intimate BodyTour" of openly nude figure model Madonna Fresca may now be viewed in the AllioArt virtual gallery:

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