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for immediate release - August 5, 2012
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"Timeless Canvas" Pictorial
Presented by Allio

LAS VEGAS NV - Internationally honored photographic artist Allio has just released his latest group of artworks featuring nude models over the age of 40. The sepia-toned artworks of the pictorial were created from color digital images, toned and textured to fit the common theme, and grouped with one horizontal figure and one vertical portrait of each model.

Timeless Canvas Entitled "Timeless Canvas", the ten image pictorial features five USA models from five different states - art model Grace Anthone from Hawaii, en plein-air model Mary Hayes of Virginia, fitness celebrity Paige McFarland from Georgia, studio model Nicki Rogers of North Carolina, and nude grandmother Viki Mae of Nevada. Three of these models have been the subject of previous AllioArt feature exhibitions and all have been honored as an Art Model of the Day.

"Artistic nude models over 40 years of age - those of timeless beauty - do not seem get appropriate recognition for their bodyfree contribution to the art world," Allio said. "This pictorial presents au naturel art models in their 40s and 50s in all of their poise, grace, and charm. These models have freely given themselves to these artworks. They deserve an appreciative audience."

"Timeless Canvas" is now featured in the AllioArt virtual gallery:

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