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"Simple Nudity" Photo Essay
Features Art Model Serenity Dalys

UPSTATE SC - "Simple Nudity" is an original fine art photography essay by professional photographic artist Allio featuring eleven chiaroscuro scenes from an afternoon with artistic nude female figure model Serenity Dalys. For this exhibition, the artist and model collaborated to create a series of serene artworks depicting the simplicity of the nude female form.

Simple Nudity | Serenity Dalys

"Before working with an accomplished artist, many women believe that posing nude for art is effortless - a simple a matter of removing clothes and looking pretty," Allio explained. "But as Serenity discovered, figure artistry requires more than a personal comfort with simple nudity. It was a great joy watching as her understanding and enlightenment grew throughout the afternoon. She went from simply mocking a pose to embracing the expressive presentation of feelings, moods, and personalizing the concept of serenity."

The title for each of the eleven original artworks is a non-English translation of the model's name. Serenity is a universal concept that may be translated in a different ways by different cultures. Common synonyms include comfort, tranquility, and joy.

"Our bodies and how we present them are important factors of creating art," Serenity Dalys agreed about posing for her first collective art exhibition. "I like the curvature of my breast, the arch of my back, the posing of my body all together. Being an art object feels good. It points out that I am unique.

"Without clothes or makeup I can create a signature artwork with meaning and purpose," the gifted model continued. "Posing nude allows me to be completely aware of my body. When I am nude I feel relaxed, free, exposed in a way that is a calming."

"Simple Nudity" is now featured in the AllioArt virtual gallery:

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