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for immediate release - August 15, 2012
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"Abstract Sisters"
Exhibition Four by Allio

UPSTATE SC - The fourth exhibition in the "Abstract Sisters" series has been released by professional photographer Allio. Real sisters Danielle Marie and Michelle Marie are the natural nude models featured in the "Abstract Sisters" exhibitions.

Abstract Sisters "There are times when a photographer may spend weeks, months, or even years in the struggle to create a single piece of art. Then there are those rare times when the models and photographic artist know they are in the midst of creative magic," Allio said. "This exhibition represents the fourth different set of ten artworks created in a single afternoon. Magic barely describes the creative energy in the studio on that day."

The three previous "Abstract Sisters" have generated world-wide acclaim and exhibition. Adhering to the same creative standards, the fourth in this series of black-and-white photographic artworks is expected to reinforce that interest from the international art community.

"Abstract Sisters|4" is now featured in the AllioArt virtual gallery:

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