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for immediate release - November 2, 2012
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Feel Free Photography Exhibition Features Eva Friday

UPSTATE SC - The debut of art model Eva Friday as the feature subject of her first artistic nude photographic exhibition appropriately comes on a Friday. The ten-image color exhibition featuring the young, natural model entitled Feel Free is the latest nude female figure presentation by photographic artist Allio.

Feel Free

"Sensuality, in itself, is still a new concept for me," the nude figure model confessed. "I enjoyed the warmth of the oil after I rubbed it in, but the coldness of it was intimidating at first. Once I got into it, I found the sensation of my hands rubbing all over my body was very arousing."

Feel Free embodies the newly discovered freedom of a young woman enlightened by intimate exploration to the knowledge and freedom of her changing body emerging into full womanhood. The ten images represent her pathway of self-discovery as self-consciousness and modesty are replaced by excitement and joy.

"In the process of creating this photographic exhibition, I was silent witness to the instantneous evolution of a hesitant young girl losing her innocence to the oils," Allio observed. "Her tentative touches became intensely sensual as Eva discovered a new, safe, comfortable, and sensual feminine freedom. Her body responded with confidence and warmth."

Rooted in a social culture wholly distainful of enlightened women, Eva has been conflicted by her evolution. The more she learns about herself, both intellectually and erotically, the greater her realization of the joy of life and personal freedom.

"As I was rubbing the oil into my body it definitely got warmer and I got warmer, too," Eva admitted, "It was definitely different. Posing for this was a new experience. It made me feel free. A year ago, I would have never even considered posing nude, much less doing anything this erotic or sensual."

Feel Free is now featured in the AllioArt virtual gallery:

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