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for immediate release - August 1, 2013
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Academic Gestures Photo Essay by Allio
Features Professional Model Faith Eikos

By definition, academic gestures are hypothetical or theoretical expressive movements. They are a basic tool and significant element in the process of dedicated artistic training and instruction in the illustration of the human form. In the traditional artistic sense a life model only moves between poses. Movement is neither expected nor allowed as a live art model strikes a motionless pose for times as brief as 30-second gestures or extended into hours for the full life model experience.

Academic Gestures With this figure art concept as the context, professional model Faith Eikos became the subject of a ten-image photo essay by photographic artist Allio. The nude figure artworks are collectively entitled, Academic Gestures.

"I was born a determined, creative perfectionist. So when I was presented with the assignment to hold a variety of academic poses, for two minutes each, I recognized and accepted the challenge," natural figure life model Faith Eikos said. "I was warned that this assignment would physically test me in ways I wasn’t ready for, so a few weeks prior to the shoot, I emphasized Yoga, Pilates and Barre inspired movements in my exercises.

"Approaching the actual poses in a similar mind frame as a meditation session helped me to control my breathing, which I found to be the key in holding still for an extended period of time. The moment my breathing wavered, I lost focus, and it became even more difficult to hold the pose. Like any form of mediation, the assignment taught me more about myself than anything else. I have a hunger to learn in order to improve. So I have a feeling it won’t be too long before I face these poses again - this time with a better equipped mind and body."

For the uninitiated, the process of gesture modeling is replete with misconceptions and, to the naive, as easy to dismiss as scholarly efforts in the creative arts. Probably the most common underestimation in academic gestures is that the process of posing is effortless.

"Faith is a devoted model with significant professional publishing credentials. Yet as exemplified in these artworks, she approaches every project, even this task of fundamental art posing, with dedicated intensity," photographic artist Allio said. "Too often potential figure models will dismiss the ABCs of life modeling as unnecessary practice or mundane simplicity. In this photo essay, Faith validates her professional credentials as an art model by exceeding the demanding mental agility and physical discipline not always requisite for other nude modeling initiatives."

Academic Gestures featuring professional model Faith Eikos is now featured in the AllioArt virtual gallery:

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