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Press Release
for immediate release - January 1, 2013
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Lily Baldwin Featured Life Model
in Visual Art Collection

LAS VEGAS -- Reknowned life model Lily Baldwin is featured in the latest Allio art exhibition. The collection of ten artworks entitled bare en plein-air were originally created in 2003.

bare en plein-air

A decade ago Lily Baldwin was beginning her career as an art model. At that time, she specifically sought to pose for internationally recognized art photographer Allio in exchange for promotional portfolio photographs, art posing instruction, and career guidance. In that year, she traveled hundreds of miles at a time while polishing her artistic nude posing skills during outdoor and studio sessions with Allio on her way to becoming a rightfully reknowned professional art model. A sampling of the results from one of those early collaborations has now been compiled into this feature collection.

"Life model Lily Baldwin bare en plein-air is an exemplar - classic and ideal - of the role of an artistic nude figure in nature," Allio said. "These black-and-white artworks, now on display for the first time as a collection, were created ten years ago and confirm the concept that there is not an expiration date on beautifully compelling images. In many ways, the Lily of a decade past perfectly personifies a satisfying natural freedom and bare body acceptance lost to the modern image conscious artistic illiterate."

bare en plein-air is now featured in the AllioArt virtual gallery. The web site domain name may be found on the Internet at the following URL:

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