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Press Release
for immediate release - May 6, 2013
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Allio Artwork of Serenity Dalys in International Show

ATLANTA -- Serenity Dalys steps onto the international stage with her first appearance at Le Monde de Leo as the nude figure art model in Klamte by professional art photographer Allio. The photographic artwork, an element of the Simple Nudity photo essay by Allio, was one of 100 images selected on May 3, 2013, for exhibition by the French gallery.

The use of highlights and shadows in the presentation of artistic nudity was an important criteria in the overall selection process. The play of imagination allows the viewer of the photographic piece to imply elements of eroticism that may not otherwise be visualized.


"L'Erotisme est un Art, l'art de vous faire croire que vous voyez ce que vous ne voyez pas," said the gallery curator. Translation: Eroticism is an art, the art of making you believe that you know what you do not see.

Since meeting the photographic artist in 2011, Dalys has been the featured art model in several outdoor and studio artworks as well as the Simple Nudity photo essay by Allio. The enhanced figure model revels in posing nude for art.

"I do not feel vulnerable when I pose nude. Being nude makes me feel free," the excited Georgia-based American figure model confirmed, adding, "Omg! I'm so excited! I can't believe it!"

Additionally, a current Google search of the model's name reveals that, on this date, she is a perfect ten for ten in both link references and images. The top ten domination of this major online search engine represents the model's growing fame and reflects the creative collaboration between model and artist.

Serenity Dalys has professional representation by Exceptional Faces. EFaces is a full-service marketing agency representing some of the most beautiful and talented models and actresses in the world.

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