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Press Release
for immediate release - September 3, 2013
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Allio Artworks Top Millions
in August Search Rankings

LAS VEGAS NV - Seven nude art models featured in the Allio Art virtual gallery achieved the number one position in online searches for either images or web page links with results of over 100-million on a given date during the month of August. Generally, search engines function by taking a single keyword or phrase input by the user and attempting to match that word or phrase and returning the best results from all of the web pages (links) or images (artworks, digital graphics, and photographs) from all of the web sites throughout the world.

special recognition artworks

In August, Allio art muse Sheryl Griffiths was the top link and nude art model Melissa Penn had the number one image in a Bing search of over 298-million results for the keyword search terms "topfree portrait" on August 12. In other words, there were nearly 300-million matches found on Bing for the search term "topfree portrait" and Sheryl Griffiths was the best web page match and Melissa Penn had the best image match on that date and at that time. Both number one listings led directly to artworks found in the Allio Art virtual gallery. These models posted similar number one ranking results on the Yahoo! search engine. On Google, Nikki Rogers earned a number one ranking out of over 105-million results in image search for the terms "timeless nude art model" on August 24.

"The purpose of the Allio Art virtual gallery is to present original artworks to the world. A top search ranking increases the potential audience size for both the artwork and featured model. Combine a positive artist and model collaboration with a diligent promotional commitment and these are some of the results we discovered just in August," artist Allio said. "These top search rankings for Allio Art are a significant promotional bonus for these special art models. From these results, it should be apparent that some of the models appearing in artworks presented in my virtual gallery gain a lot of valuable attention, not just locally but around the globe. I am honored to feature and promote talented art models to the world through my artworks in this virtual gallery space."

Models topping the list as the number one ranked image with a Google search with over 100-million results included an artwork of "timeless nude art model" Nicki Rogers created in 2010 and "natural female figure art model" Stacie Dm created in 2006. Ranked number one of over 40-million search results were nude art models Lily Baldwin, Maria Whitaker, and Nikki Rogers twice more. Models with top rankings of 2-million or more included Viki Mae twice, Maria Whitaker three more times, Lily Baldwin, Paige McFarland, Melissa Penn, Eva Friday, Nazz Rose, Kelli Bella, Faith Eikos, Serenity Dalys, and Ava Senese with two links and four of the top five images.

Additionally on Google, Allio artworks accounted for 20 of the top 24 image results of 15-million for the search phrase "enhanced nude figure model." Additional top image search results included: "topfree portrait" 20 of the top 36 images of 9-million results, "topfree female portrait" nine of the top 12 images of 9-million results, "natural female figure wet nude" the top five images of 8-million results, and "special recognition nude artwork" 23 of top 32 images of 8-million results.

Models topping the list as the number one ranked image with a Bing search with over 200-million results included an artwork of "topfree portrait" professional model Sheryl Griffiths created in 2002 and an image of "topfree portrait" model Melissa Penn created in 2003. In fact, on August 12, the top 42 images for that search term and 71 of the top 100 images were Allio artworks. Ava Senese has the top two link in the search results for "topfree nude art model."

Ranked number one by Bing of over 100-million search results were nude art models Grace Anthone, Catalina Lissett, and Ava Senese. Models with top rankings of 50-million or more included Stacie Dm, Maria Whitaker twice, and Michaela Devine. Models with top rankings of 1-million or more included Grace Anthone again, Cyn Swa, Maria Whitaker, Faith Eikos twice, Michaela Devine, and Tirzza Joye-Thompson with five different keyword sets.

Additionally on Bing, Allio artworks accounted for the top 17 and 81 of the top 100 images of 57-million results for the search phrase "topfree nude model." One element of the internationally exhibited Abstract Sisters photo essay led the 30-million search results for the keyword phrase "natural female figure art model."

The results of Yahoo! searches yielded comparable results to Bing. Additional top-ranked models included four additional listings for Maria Whitaker with six of the top nine images from the Water photographic art exhibition, plus one additional number one ranking each to Paige McFarland, Nicki Rogers, Fierce Sonia, and Patti Smith.

The nude art models featured in these special recognition artworks represent artistically inclined women from seven different states and the District of Columbia in the United States, plus Great Britain. Eight models from this elite group have received professional representation through Exceptional Faces, a full-service marketing agency representing some of the most beautiful and talented models and actresses in the world.

Many aspiring and professional models find it difficult to earn a top ranking even when they conduct a simple and restricted search using just their own name. In August, these collaborative art models and muses appearing in one or more Allio artwork earned top rankings in major search engines over hundreds of millions of other model based on keyword results that do not even include their own names.

Allio Art does not use outside search engine optimization tools or services. All of the presentation and promotional work is an internal service of Allio Art. Search parameters and guidelines are a constantly changing variable on these dynamic search tools. A top ranked link or image on one date may not even register in a comparable search on another date. Even a number one ranked link does not always equate to a number one image, as shown by the "topfree portrait" search. The commonality in top links may be seen in the fact that both the link and image had the promotional advantage of appearing in an Allio artwork.

DISCLAIMER: Allio Art is not affiliated with nor has it paid a promotional fee to these search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are trademarks of their various owners and their names are only used for identification purposes in reporting these results.

NOTE TO PUBLISHERS: This press information may be reproduced in whole or in part, provided it remains in context and accurately represents the information presented, and the source is accurately attributed. Misrepresentation, or any other unauthorized use is prohibited.

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