Posted on 3 June 2020

Allio original visual art connessa of nude gesture model Becca Said

connessa | © 2020 Allio

connessa  | gesture nude

visual symbolism
nudity: natural purity innocence
elevated seating: position of superiority
extended limbs/crossed legs: posture for collecting

Becca Said – nude gesture model
interior studio space – Monticello Florida USA

"Growing up I was encouraged to dip into any and all interests I had. Naturally I was exposed to a vast multitude of subjects and schools of passion, among them nature, caring for animals, dance, yoga, skincare, chemistry, film, and food. Being given the freedom to explore and play between any and all areas of interest allowed me to experience a wide body of beliefs, perspectives, and walks of life from an unusually young age, which in turn has allowed me to move through the world seeing the interconnectedness of all things." – Becca Said

original visual art | © 2020 Allio