Posted on 10 June 2020

Allio original visual art pensatore of nude gesture model Becca Said

pensatore | © 2020 Allio

pensatore  | gesture nude

visual symbolism
nudity: natural purity innocence
hand on chin: thinker/philosopher
elevated seating: position of superiority

Becca Said – nude gesture model
interior studio space – Monticello Florida USA

"Everything is version of something else. Every book or movie is based on archetypal tales, which themselves are based on ancient oral traditional stories, stretching back and back and back. Every trend in fashion is a slightly different flavor of something that happened a century ago, and every war has echoes of a sociopolitical conflict humanity has been grimly repeating over and over. This too means the beautiful things bounce and connect." – Becca Said

original visual art | © 2020 Allio