Posted on 24 June 2020

Allio original visual art contemplazione of nude gesture model Becca Said

contemplazione | © 2020 Allio

contemplazione  | gesture nude

visual symbolism
nudity: natural purity innocence
triangle apex up: active male aspirations
pointing right: open legitimate virtues
yoga pose: Modified Bharadvajasana Twist

Becca Said – nude gesture model
interior studio space – Monticello Florida USA

"I tell myself a story I remember from childhood, or think of the smell of a warm cup of tea on an autumn day, or think to myself who might have been in the same spot I am at that moment, and I let my body move in response. A picture could just be viewed as a posed piece of work, but it could also been seen as a snapshot in time, a tiny little piece of the model’s experience and thoughts frozen in time to be pondered and passed on again and again. Maybe some of them will even inspire a future homage; both an echo and an original." – Becca Said

original visual art | © 2020 Allio

Modified Bharadvajasana Twist – Practicing this body twist assists with internally and externally re-balancing your body. It is mentally calming invoking a peaceful feeling.