serena | Sheryl Griffiths Barrow

Posted on 2022 September 14

serena topfree portrait Sheryl Griffiths Barrow nude muse submissive smaller space fingere disegno gesso art study by Allio

serena | ©2002 Allio

serena  | fiducia tranquilla

art study: a quick drawing produced for further
development by applying the seven elements of design –
line, color, shape, value, form, space, and texture
digital art process: fingere disegno gesso

visual symbolism *
nudity: natural purity innocence
submissive posture: lowered head smaller body space
eyes closed/looking down: indifference to the viewer

Sheryl Griffiths Barrow
private space – Marietta Georgia USA
art study | ©2002 Allio