viola | Leigh Hunter

Posted on 2023 August 30

viola fiore del piacere Allio artwork of Leigh Hunter nude muse erotic arousal from the color purple

viola | ©2003 Allio

viola  | fiore del piacere

porphyrophilia: sexuoerotic arousal from the color purple
melanophilia: erotic arousal from black
anthophilia: sexuoerotic arousal from flowers

a visual art study exemplifying how color affects meaning
art medium: fingere disegno pastello ad olio

visual symbolism *
nudity: the natural state of every body
purple: luxury; nobility; affluence; opulence
flower: cycle of life; vulva; femxle sexuality; mystery
anasyrma: womxn can remedy a persxn caught in the spell of the evil eye by publicly exposing their vulva

Leigh Hunter
nude muse
15 special recognition artworks in 65 exhibitions/publications
©2003 Allio