ecco | Britt Lyn

Posted on 2023 September 6

ecco Allio original art Britt Lyn nude muse agency desire seen topfree portrait palm throat anablephilia

ecco | ©2003 Allio

ecco  | topfree portrait

September: Self-Care Awareness Month #selfcareawarenessmonth

visual symbolism *
nudity: the natural state of every body
topfree portrait: personal agency dignity freedom
hand/flat curved palm on throat: self-satisfaction; solosexplay

anablephilia: sexuoerotic arousal from looking up

Britt Lyn
nude muse
agency for the desire to be seen
the feminine principle mxnifests itself in nudity

four special recognition artworks in four exhibitions/publications
art medium: digital pixel-based imaging

©2003 Allio