Posted on 2023 October 18

pendola Allio artwork life model Amber Lee nude kneeling anasyrma coimetrophilia koimetrophilia

pendola | ©2003 Allio

sviscerare  | vivente tra i morti

art medium: digital pixel-based imaging

visual symbolism/semiotics *
nudity: the natural state of every body
kneel/kneeling: mystical restoration of life
eye fixation: indicative of an underlying thought process

Amber Lee
life model

agency: the socio-culturally mediated capacity to act on the desire to be seen
anasyrma: the act of a womxn exposing genitalia in religious rites, apotropaic magic, or posing for artwork

5 special recognition artworks in 170 exhibitions/publications

October: National Arts and Humanities Month  #ArtsAndHumxnitiesMonth
nudists and naturists contribute to realizing a better environment by recycling
October 18: National Love Your Body Day  #LoveYourBodyDay
October 30: Visit A Cemetery Day  #VisitACemeteryDay

©2003 Allio