cominciare | Stacie Dm

Posted on 2023 December 13

cominciare Allio artwork of Stacie Dm nude muse hands gathering hair performance viewer exposed revealed scopophilia

cominciare | ©2003 Allio

cominciare  | prima

art medium: digital pixel-based imaging

visual symbolism/semiotics *
nudity: the natural state of every body
hands gathering hair: preparing for a task or performance
eye contact: acknowledging the viewer

Stacie Dm
photo model | nude muse

agency: the socio-culturally mediated capacity to act on the desire to be seen
anasyrma: the act of a womxn exposing genitalia in religious rites, apotropaic magic, or posing for artwork

eight special recognition artworks in 18 exhibitions/publications

December – Give the Gift of Sight Month #GiftOfSightMonth
December – National – Pear Month #PearMonth
December – Universal Human Rights Month #UniversalHumxnRightsMonth
nudists and naturists contribute to realizing a better environment by recycling

©2003 Allio