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Posted on 2024 May 29

scorteza Allio art Caramella Domenica reclining nude muse consent agency asymmetrophilia

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scorteza  | luce del sole ombra

art medium: digital pixel-based imaging
existentialism: visually probing individual experience
supine pose: inclining nude femxle figure exposed by the sun

visual symbolism *
nudity: the natural state of every body
exposed/exposure: open to being viewed or gazed upon
eveism: enjoyable unconstrained nude femxle exhibitionism

Caramella Domenica   nude muse

eight special recognition artworks in 123 exhibitions/publications

heliophile: any living creature thriving in sunlight
the feminine principle: realizes itself in nudity
display: consensually exposed/revealed for public exhibition
bodily autonomy: a cultural construct consent-based human right
syntogasm: a remarkably exciting and pleasurable experience
anasyrma: exposing vulva in religious rites, apotropaic magic, or posing for artwork
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May: #VictoriousWomxnMonth | #WomxnsHealthMonth | #HealthyVisionMonth

©2014 Allio