Posted on 2024 June 26

alacrità Allio art life model Amy Black wet nude aquaphilia hydrophilia

alacrità | ©2004 Allio

alacrità  | essenza

art: reflects an idea not an object
art medium: digital pixel-based imaging

visual symbolism *
nudity: the natural state of every body
cascade: the continuous flow of energy and life
splashing water: intense acmegenesis power

Amy Black   life model

Amy Black has appeared in seven special recognition artworks presented in ten exhibitions/publications

essence: of the greatest natural importance
alacrity: eagerness energy excitement enthusiasm
the feminine principle: realizes itself in nudity
potamophilia: sexuoerotic arousal from running water
syntogasm: a remarkably exciting and pleasurable experience
pose/posing: non-verbal communication through a specific physical presentation
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©2004 Allio