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piacere Allio art life model Gina Rochelle nude sublime pleasure sybarite

piacere | ©2004 Allio

piacere  | sublime

art: reflects an idea not an object
art medium: digital pixel-based imaging

visual symbolism *
nudity: the natural state of every body
hand on edge between breasts: clitorida self-indulgence
sybarite: gratifying pleasure-seeking senses and desires

Gina Rochelle   life model

Gina Rochelle has appeared in three special recognition artworks presented in 14 exhibitions/publications

art: reflects an idea not an object

sublime: expressing the emotion of profound self-care in nature or art
pleasure: a joyful sensation brought about by physical contact
syntogasm: a remarkably exciting and pleasurable experience
hedonophilia: sexuoerotic arousal from feeling pleasure
the feminine principle: realizes itself in nudity
consent: intrinsically linked to pleasure
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©2004 Allio