about: Allio

Allio is an internationally acclaimed professional photographer and visual artist specializing in The Nude. His accomplished professional portfolio includes figure art and nude portraiture in classical and contemporary styles and a variety of photographic and digital formats, encompassing presentations in a variety of photographic techniques and mixed media.

In November 1999, Allio was selected by Lycos, Italy, as one of the top four modern erotic artists/photographers in the world. According to Tatiana Tartuferi, editor, Lycos Bertelsmann: "Allio’s work represents a great mix of traditional influences in modern artistic techniques."

Subsequently, Allio continues to be honored in Japan, France, Germany, Canada, and the United States with various Photographer of the year and Image of the Year awards. These awards are in particular recognition of the unique style and embedded visual symbolism presented in his nude images. Allio’s works have been featured in thousands of international publications, including: NuExpo (France), AntiDull and NY Arts Magazine (USA), German Photo-World (Germany), and Digital Arts (UK). These published works are not limited to traditional black and white photography, but include color and digitally modified images of nude subjects, as well. Allio’s original fine art nude collectables and digital illustrations have been publicly exhibited in museums, art galleries, and private shows throughout the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and several European countries. A selected list of international galleries and exhibitions to which his original nude works have recently been published includes: the Saatchi Gallery, London Contemporary Art Gallery (United Kingdom); Fotocepelak (Czech Republic), Sheftali Gallery (Turkey), Forevernet Gallery (Portugal), Keio University (Japan), Erotishe Symbiose (Austria), Pisa Gallery (Italy), Gallery Barcelona (Spain), and Erozuna Gallery (Germany). His original Limited Edition prints and commissioned works are appreciated by private collectors around the world.

In 2001, Allio and his images – photographs and digital artworks – were the subject of a 30-minute broadcast feature on PBS. The program titled Impressions was produced by SCETV.

Born in the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States of America, the nomadic Allio has a Bachelor of Arts in English Communications and Visual Arts, and a Master of Fine Arts in post-graduate Visual Art. Since 1978, this visual artist has been a featured instructor and lecturer at a number of photographic workshops, seminars and conferences.