personal artist philosophy

artist statement

Throughout my career I have been conversely harassed and honored, condemned and cheered for the nude images I have authored. Original film from my archives has been burned by relatives, and threats of physical aggression and legal action from those opposing the presentation of my images are far too frequent in a society that was founded on freedom of expression.

rilevante Allio artwork of nude muse Patti Smith

rilevante | ©2000 Allio

There are puritanical lemmings who, in defense of their own misguided judgement, question my religious beliefs and challenge my personal relationship with God. I mourn for those of such limited vision and understanding.

God is the almighty creator. By studying and working with images of individuals “created in His own image” (Genesis 1:27), I hope to honor the expression of His unlimited prolific abilities.

Those who criticize my original images of the nude human form should consider questioning their own prejudices. After all, if you believe the Bible to be an accurate historical document, it was Lucifer who told Adam – the first to be created in God’s image – to be ashamed of his nakedness (Genesis 3:8-13). This spiritual struggle for control continues to be played out by those who seek dominance of our individual freedoms in this physical world.

Since the early 1970s, I have visually explored many of God’s creations – flowers and animals, earth and the sky – but none of these have awe-struck me in the same way as photography of the human form. The process of intimately exploring unique shapes and forms provides the greatest expansion of my limited imagination.

Personally, the process of original expression began in 1970 with traditional images of black and white films. Now, with the practical application of digital imaging technology, I have entered the next stage in the process of visual art evolution. The visual artworks presented in this exhibition space were produced, not specifically for monetary gain, but for the sheer joy of accomplishment and expressive enlightenment.

Absent imagination and artistic vision, we are blind to the wonders of Creation.