private art commissions

Allio, a Master of Fine Art (MFA) and internationally honored professional photographic artist, is available to produce original, artistic nudes of an individual, couples, and/or groups for a professional fee or a private art commission. The results of an Allio commission are original, unique, memorable, and valuable.

adorazione an original nude visual artwork by Allio

monochrome photograph

Michelle Marie – nude muse
  40 special recognition artworks in 53 presentations

For one or more original works of art, a commission is required. The commission of a one-of-a-kind artwork consists of a determination of objectives and agreement between the client and Allio regarding the scope of the artwork development, production, and delivery.

Contact Allio to initiate the artwork commission process. A prospective client is requested to provide the following information in the initial contact: a projected start date, allowable production time, an anticipated finish date, model or model(s) to be the subject(s) of the artwork(s), proposed location(s), other specifications or constraints, and, of course, a description of the desired finished product.

Valid, valuable original artistic expression is a complex process. Please allow a minimum of six months from your initial contact until the start of production on an art commission.