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colma | Sara Walker

Posted on 2024 March 6

colma Allio art monochrome Sara Walker standing nude consent agency desert apodysomania

colma | ©2004 Allio

colma  | gesti del deserta nudi nella natura

art medium: digital pixel-based imaging

visual symbolism *
nudity: the natural state of every body
thrusting bare breast: courageous challenge offering comfort
petrodophilous: thriving in boulders and other rocky environments

Sara Walker   performance artist | nude muse

ten special recognition artworks in 129 exhibitions/publications

apodysomania: desire to be seen nude in public
syntogasm: a remarkably exciting and pleasurable experience
helioxerophilous/helioxerophile: desert organisms thriving in strong sunlight dry conditions
#IDoConsent | #NormalizeNudeExpression | #bodyright
March: National Breast Implant Awareness Month #breastimplantawarenessmonth

©2004 Allio